Aw, Crap.

04.15.11 7 years ago 25 Comments

Earlier this season on “Parks and Recreation,” NBC ran a promo encouraging viewers to check out an online registry for the wedding of April and Andy (Aubrey Plaza and Chris Pratt). At the time, NBC said that it was a mistake — the registry was supposed to be for Ron and Tammy. Except that was a lie to cover the real mistake, as April and Andy did indeed get married on last night’s episode. Showrunner Michael Schur says:

“The promo that aired after ‘Ron and Tammy Part 2,’ which inadvertently gave away the upcoming wedding between Andy and April, was a simple human error on the part of some very apologetic NBC employees.  In an effort to undo the spoiler, we publicly stated, in a number of interviews, that NBC had just accidentally gotten the character names wrong, and that there was no upcoming Andy-April wedding.  We sincerely hope that fans of the show are cool with us gently lying to them, in an effort to maintain the surprise nuptials as much as we could.” [via HitFix]

Seems perfectly reasonable. What’s not reasonable is me when I have to deal with people crying about spoilers. Those people get under my skin, and in my emphatic effort to smack them down, I wrote this:

I’ll bet the folder containing all my corgi photos that April and Andy don’t get married this season.

And now I’m the asshole. The first person to point this out to me was reader Cole, who is now the proud owner of, which contains about 200 of my favorite corgi images. Go forth, Cole, and use those corgis wisely. I’ll find some new corgi pics after I finish my slice of humble pie.

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