Netflix Blasts Off For Mars With Hilary Swank In The ‘Away’ Trailer

Netflix continues to drop closets full of content upon us, and they’re aiming (as one does) for the stars with Away, a Hilary Swank-starring series about space travel. The Oscar winner’s playing an astronaut traveling to Mars, and this series promises to be epic, but the trailer appears to be focusing more on the emotional. Still, heading to Mars seems like a grand vacation right about now to most of us on Earth, so maybe this show will strike a chord.

Here’s more on Swank’s character:

Emma Green is an American astronaut and former Navy pilot. She is the commander of the first mission to Mars. She is a headstrong, empathetic and highly intelligent astronaut and leader. She is married to Matt Logan, a chief engineer at NASA. Emma and Matt have a 15-year-old daughter, Lex,

Personal sacrifices will abound for Emma while her family will also feel the effects of her extended voyage, but c’mon, presumably, this trip is worth it. It’s not every day that mom gets to go to Mars, and nowhere in Netflix’s promotional material does Elon Musk’s name appear, so that’s something. And to be fair, his name (and presence) are all up in that Tom Cruise space production, so this one’s up to the Oscar-winning Swank to pull off with assists from Josh Charles and Talitha Bateman, who portray her family.

Away will stream on September 4.