Awesome Person Cast In ‘Arrested Development,’ Round 23

Even if the Arrested Development revival turns out to be an unlikely disaster, or a not small mishap, as it were, no one can accuse Mitchell Hurwitz & Co. of not trying hard enough. Arrested newbies/people we like John Slattery, Isla Fisher, Adam DeVine, and Terry Crews will all make guest star appearances, as will the unprecedented three-time winner of the Awesome Comedian Hair award.

Arrested Development has added another scene-stealer to its merry bunch of actors. Ben Schwartz, known to viewers as Parks and Recreation‘s Jean-Ralphio and Clyde on Showtime’s House of Lies, has joined the cast of AD season four. No details about Schwartz’s role were revealed. (Via)

Casting someone best known for his work on Parks and Recreation is worrisome enough, but what if Arrested next books an actor or actress from Community? The world may start sinking in on itself into a black hole of garbled references and Tourette’s-like misquotes. I think I just…MEAT TORNADO…in the MORN-ING, ASSMAN. It’s happening already. May Jebus have mercy on our souls.

(Via TV Line)