Aya Cash Celebrates ‘Galentine’s Day’ A Little Too Hard In This Short

Galentine’s Day was no doubt created by Parks and Recreation character Leslie Knope for a good cause, to celebrate platonic female friendships, instead of focusing on the often depressing ideal of having a significant other in your life. Who could predict then, that Galentine’s Day would come with its own set of soul-crushing expectations?

You’re the Worst‘s Aya Cash stars in this Comedy Central video about a girl without female friends OR a date for Valentine’s Day (“I haven’t heard from him in six weeks”) who goes out on the prowl for some women besties to befriend.

While out at a bar, her wise gay friend tells her that “you can be a little intense” in pursuing potential platonic girlfriends. In response to this blunt counsel, she ditches said friend, goes up to a girl at the bar and says in a robotic voice, “Cute shoes. I am also a size six.”

Then she turns the girl’s boyfriend into dust. Before you know it, she’s kidnapped her and two other women to force feed wine and cookies she baked with a blowtorch back at her house.

This video is funny because it hits the sad truth, that every holiday creates a lot of bs expectations that people possibly can’t live up to, even a nice counter programming holiday like Galentine’s Day. Sigh.