Aziz Ansari And Eric Wareheim Reveal The Horrible Sitcom Origins Of ‘Master Of None’

If you’ve yet to check out Master of None on Netflix, you’re a fool and you should feel terrible about yourself. That might sound mean, but it’s really a fine show. But if you didn’t know, it could’ve been even better had Aziz Ansari and Eric Wareheim went with the first gut instinct they had.

Big Bud Lil Bud is a sitcom in the vein of Full House, Perfect Strangers, or Small Wonder that seems to take friendship from Master of None and give it the spotlight it deserves. There’s also a dog thrown into the mix, who just happens to be the spirit of a dead father, and an alarming amount of bananas.

The spoof is a nice refresh of Wareheim’s other work that you can check out over on Adult Swim and it’s turns up the silliness. You have to wonder why these nostalgic sitcom parodies always seem to end up with the characters becoming robots. Too Many Cooks did it and now we have it again with both Lil Bud AND Big Bud being revealed as skin job robots.

What is it going to be when we finally have robots starring in our sitcoms? Master of Everything starring this Apple Robot and his robot pals. “Life is efficient. Kill all humans.” It’s going to be boring.

(Via Eric Wareheim)