Aziz Ansari And Jimmy Fallon Bring Back Their Strangely Intense Yelp Reviews Segment

Despite usually playing lovable goofs, Aziz Ansari has a knack for being a real hard-ass restaurant manager/worker/owner/social media consultant. This is the second time he’s been the angry responder to Jimmy Fallon’s Yelp reviewer in the last year, and it seems like a role he’s born for. Ansari is just really good at telling people off.

Fallon should also get due credit. For some reason, his dramatic readings of Yelp reviews come off strangely intense, like impassioned pleas for justice in a world that gives people small chicken parm dishes and expects them to be handled by plastic utensils. True horror.

When combined, the yearning for a decent meal from Fallon and the boot on the neck from Ansari make what should be an online moanfest into some seriously engaging viewing. When the camera turns to Ansari, with the steely glare of a Bond villain, one is left to wonder if he wouldn’t take someone out like Joe Pesci in Goodfellas if they said their salad was soggy.

Of course, Ansari has range. He can play a dentist, a radiator repairman, and perhaps a Maître D’ all with the same, dark intensity…

Would you complain about your order to that man?

(Via The Tonight Show)