Aziz Ansari Brings Swagger To Studio 8H In This Stylish New ‘SNL’ Promo

Judging by this brand new Saturday Night Live promo trumpeting the arrival of host Aziz Ansari, the Human Giant alum will bring a certain level of style and swagger to this weekend’s proceedings. Y’know, provided he doesn’t have to answer a call from his mom during an inopportune time. Hmm… Come to think of it, that’s sorta part of the package.

Aziz’s long overdue night to shine at Studio 8H gets the hype-up treatment in this brisk 40-second spot. Soundtracked by musical guest Big Sean’s latest single “Moves,” Ansari makes his way through the hollowed halls with the earned confidence of a man that’s turned in excellent work in Parks & Recreation and Master of None. Cast members like Sasheer Zamata and Beck Bennett enjoy getting gussied up during Ansari’s stroll which includes a lovely cameo from resident cue card guy Wally Feresten. Everything builds to the moment where the comedian makes his way to the stage and a certain ringtone pops up.

In addition to having Aziz Ansari and Big Sean as the star attraction for Saturday’s episode, it’s been confirmed that Alec Baldwin’s Trump will be reemerging on the show after Inauguration Day. We’re not expecting a warm review from Donald Trump or spokesperson Sean Spicer for the episode.