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Many of Aziz Ansari’s followers on Twitter found it strange that the “Park and Recreation” scene-stealer subjected himself to the first two Twilight movies last week. As it turns out, that may have been preparation for an upcoming gig: the MTV Movie Awards.

Insiders tell Showtracker exclusively that the comedian and “Parks and Recreation” star is in final negotiations to host the 2010 MTV Movie Awards, slated to air live June 6 from the Gibson Amphitheatre in Universal City.

Last week, Ansari spent a couple of days live-tweeting his first-ever viewings of “Twilight” and its sequel “New Moon”: “Never thought I’d see a dude pull up in a Subaru Forrester with such authority.” […]

“Twilight” swept the evening at the 2009 ceremony — five awards including the one for best movie — and stars Taylor Lautner, Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart turned up to present a special extended trailer for “New Moon.” (With the third “Twilight” film, “Eclipse,” premiering June 30 — and with MTV long leading the charge in all things “Twilight”-related — one presumes viewers this year will get a similar treat.) [LA Times]

For years, the MTV Movie Awards have basically been the Teen Choice Awards with a couple more stars and a slightly brighter sheen, so it’s no surprise that this year’s show will be another extended Twilight handjob. But Ansari should give the show some much-needed intelligence and humor in between the high-pitched wails of lonely teenage girls. So… yay, I guess. Sorry if I’m not more enthusiastic. This is kinda like hearing Neil Patrick Harris will host the Dead Kitten Awards.

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