Baby Yoda Beauty Products May Be Coming To Keep You Looking Young Forever

Baby Yoda looks great for 50 years old, and now it seems Disney wants to give consumers some of the Force-sensitive creature’s beauty secrets to the masses. The breakout star of The Mandalorian is assuredly making millions of dollars in merchandise revenue for Disney in the coming months, as fans of the Disney+ show eagerly await a fall release date for Season 2. But at least one report indicates that merchandise may include some Baby Yoda-adjacent beauty products.

As InsideTheMagic.Net pointed out, Disney property Lucasfilm filed a variety of trademark applications under a very familiar name, with potential products that include Baby Yoda beauty products. Trademark applications filed shortly after Christmas indicate plenty of merchandise under the trademark of The Child, which is the default name for Baby Yoda, which is a creature of the same species as Yoda but also not the wisened Jedi Master from the movies. And, indeed, a brief search of the TESS copyright database indicates Disney does have a request in for The Child and a wide swath of potential products.

There are more than a dozen listings for “The Mandalorian The Child” filed by Lucasfilm, ranging between anything from the ordinary “clothing, footwear, headwear” to “gymnastics and sporting equipment,” a variety of Christmas decorations and even “non-alcoholic beverages.” These filings are sometimes a protection against trademark squatters and don’t guarantee Disney makes all the products they’re asking for, but the funniest potential products are absolutely Baby Yoda cosmetics suggested by entry 88737978.

Non-medicated cosmetics; non-medicated dentifrices; non-medicated toiletry preparations; fragrances; perfume

Again, none of this is a guarantee you’ll get Baby Yoda green eyeshadow or skincare products, but it seems it’s a very real possibility given the trademark filings. And hey, maybe by the time the beauty line comes out we’ll know what the little guy’s real name is, anyway