05.26.09 9 years ago 12 Comments

Remember last week, when Tanner the Creepy Foot Fetishist detailed what he demands in a woman’s foot on “The Bachelorette?”  God, I still get goosebumps about that.  The scene where he convinced Jillian to take her shoes off and dip her feet in the pool felt like something out of a horror movie.

Last night Tanner ratcheted up the perv factor yet again, grabbing Jillian’s open-toe-shoed foot and putting it in his lap while he admitted to having a foot fetish.  Jillian seemed legitimately creeped out, but then GAVE HIM A ROSE ANYWAY.  Apparently one of her turn-ons is being dismembered. (Note: On the show, he’s referred to as Tanner P. to differentiate himself from Tanner F., because ABC couldn’t find 30 men who wanted to compete for an average-looking girl without double-dipping in Tanners.)

And yes, I watched “The Bachelorette.”  Just one of the many sacrifices I’m willing to make for this job.  Even DVRing through the commercials, that show feels like it lasts three hours.  If, like Dunbar in Catch-22, you wish to prolong your life by making it go by as slowly as possible, I strongly recommend this show.

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