Jimmy Kimmel Got Slapped In The Face By One Of The New ‘Bachelorettes’ Last Night

Season whatever-eth of The Bachelor wrapped up last night and Chris Soules, or “Prince Farming,” took home some pretty blonde trophy. More importantly, as is customary with The Bachelor and Bachelorette, next season’s contestant was chosen. Or, shall I say, contestants. For the first time in Bachelorette history, next season will feature two bachelorettes, “Britt” and “Kaitlyn.”

The big reveal happened last night on Jimmy Kimmel Live. Because the girls will now be on the other side of the roses, Jimmy Kimmel asked them to practice their dumping skills on him. I don’t even know which one is which, but the taller, leggier one with the lighter-colored hair seems like a real firecracker based on the above clip. Unfortunately, as Kimmel points out, they don’t actually allow any slapping on The Bachelorette. You have to go to cable for that kind of action. (I’m looking at you, Flavor of Love.)

Here’s the previous clip immediately following the announcement: