The Trailer For David Mitchell And Robert Webb’s New Comedy Series, ‘Back,’ Has Arrived

Last year it was announced that David Mitchell and Robert Webb of the beloved British series Peep Show would be teaming up with comedy writer Simon Blackwell (Veep, In The Loop, etc.) for a six-part “odd couple” style comedy series. Now we have a first look at the series, called Back, which is about a pub owner’s son named Stephen (Mitchell) and former foster child Andrew (Webb), who suddenly pops back into the picture as the two grapple for control of the family business after the death of their father.

Even in different roles, it’s great to see the El Dude brothers back together again, settling into the familiar dynamic of Mitchell’s neurotic hysteria playing off of Webb’s smug confidence, but this time with more of a Step Brothers vibe. The plot is described as: “Andrew, who has traveled the world and can do no wrong in the eyes of Stephen’s mother and sister, wants his family back. Mitchell’s character has always resented Andrew and thinks he’s a ‘glib, dangerous sociopath who’s about to steal his family, his business and his life.'”

The series will premiere sometime this fall on UK’s Channel 4. And good news for American fans, because according to Simon Blackwell, it looks like the States will be getting a release around the same time as the UK: