03.19.09 10 years ago 9 Comments

Man, did you see that fox in Hustler?

Starting on May 1st, Hustler TV will offer HustlerHD, a premium channel that “will offer content from top adult studios all filmed, edited, and broadcast in true HD.”

“HustlerHD has the most true HD adult content from the top adult studios with no up-converted movies,” said LFP Inc. and Hustler TV president Michael H. Klein in a statement. “That will ensure the highest buy rate among the HD enthusiasts. With more and more consumers buying HD TV’s, there is a growing market for top quality adult HD programming.”

Many things are better in HD.  Movies are more fun to watch in HD.  Sports are now virtually unwatchable unless they’re in HD.  But you wanna know what isn’t better in HD?  Crotches.  Anuses.  Breast augmentation scars.  And so on.  I’m not quite sure how Michael H. Klein sold that to his investors.  “Check it out, you can really see every pore on that guy’s scrotum!”

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