Bad Lip Reading Takes On ‘High School Musical’ For Its Biggest Project Yet

Do you think you can handle a half hour of Bad Lip Reading? What if it’s accompanied by the colorful images of High School Musical and the doll-like face of a young Zac Efron? Of course that’s going to make it better. Disney XD and Bad Lip Reading are teaming up to bring back the original High School Musical as a Bad Lip Reading special. On Monday July 11th, the special will air on Disney XD and some of it has made its way online now to help promote the event.

If anything, watching Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens make faces on stage with all of the music stripped away is pretty damn funny. It’s also insane, but what isn’t when it comes to those original Disney Channel productions. The second clip also doesn’t hesitate to take a few shots at the idea of an entire school knowing how to dance and sing while at lunch, even tossing in a few burps to keep the low brow, younger crowd interested.

Other things that Bad Lip Reading could do an entire special on? The political conventions could indeed make for a fun half hour if our anonymous friend decided he wanted to subject themselves to that. I think I’d rather see a full NFL special, myself. Those two part videos are a highlight at the end of each season and one of these networks should go ahead and try to ruin it.

(Via Mashable / Disney XD)