Canadian Politician Made ‘Arrested Development’ Reference During Speech To Parliament

Have you guys heard the one about New Democratic Party leader Thomas Mulcair?

Yeah, me neither. Before today, I had no idea New Democratic Party leader Thomas Mulcair existed, but he seems like someone who our Canadian friends might have a joke all lined up for. Guys, if you don’t, at least tell me he’s not a terrible person, because he’s now my favorite Canadian politician after he made a fantastic Arrested Development reference while giving a speech about anti-terrorism spending to the House of Commons yesterday.

For those who can’t watch the video, he said, “Is the money just in the wrong filing cabinet? Is it hidden in the minister’s gazebo? Or is the money in the banana stand?” Haha, “minister’s gazebo.” Oh, Canada. Anyway, this is a tact all politicians should use. If a slimy mayor decided it was now legal for you to use birds as garbage disposals, like on The Flintstones, I’d forgive him if he said, “I’m afraid I have something of a mess on my hands.”

(Via Canada)