‘Banshee’ Will End After Its Upcoming Season

The most kick-ass fake sheriff around will be turning in his badge (for real) as Banshee will come to a close at the end of season four. While some might assume it’s a cancellation, HitFix reports that it was a creative decision:

According to this source, “We have not been canceled, but on the creative side, we have decided to end the show, basically because we were done telling the story. As Cinemax’s highest-rated show, no one was looking to cancel us. It was a creative decision. The premise was never meant to survive a long stretch. We all made the decision at the end of season 3 that we were going to make season 4 our grand finale.”

While it’s sad to see it go, especially after how good last season was, I can’t imagine how the writers would be able to stretch the show much longer. Plotlines aside, half the cast wouldn’t survive another few seasons:

(Via HitFix)