A Teenager Freaks Out When He Realizes He’s Talking To The Voice Of Bart Simpson

The nice thing about being a voice actor on The Simpsons is that you’re a multi-millionaire on the greatest television show of all-time, but you still live your life in relative anonymity. The stars of The Big Bang Theory — who are also multi-millionaires, although not on the greatest show of all-time — aren’t so lucky; everyone knows what Kaley Cuoco and David from Roseanne look like. Meanwhile, you could be talking to Bart Simpson, and not even know it.

That’s what happened to a 13-year-old boy selling candy bars at a mall Sherman Oaks, California. At first, he looks confused why this strange woman is asking him questions about his age and impersonating cartoon characters. “I’m 10,” she says, “I’m 10, and I go to Springfield Elementary. I’m Bart Simpson, put it there, man.” I probably would have walked away if this happened to me, but he had candy to sell, and laughed nervously at her Bart impression. Except it wasn’t an impression: It was the actual voice of Bart (and Nelson Muntz and Ralph Wiggum and Todd Flanders and dozens more), Nancy Cartwright, who bought $20 worth of (non-Butterfinger) bars.

It’s a good thing Cartwright didn’t bust out her “acid-dipped shoe from Who Framed Roger Rabbit” voice. That kind would have lost it (i.e. started crying).