Based On This Teaser, The Final Season Of ‘True Blood’ Looks…Pretty Good?

04.21.14 4 years ago 8 Comments
true blood clip


True Blood has been a ridiculous, if occasionally entertaining mess for seasons now, with hard-to-follow plots and an even harder to care about cast. Except Jessica and Eric. They’re both perfect. Only one of those two appears in a new teaser trailer HBO released last night, which is disappointing, but otherwise, season seven (R.I.P.) could be…not awful? It looks like it’s going back to basics — it’s human vs. vampires, not humans vs. vampires f*cking werewolves raising shape-shifter kids.

Or something. Anyway, at 36 seconds, this is the longest True Blood‘s ever gone without someone taking their shirt off. (But seriously, where’s Eric?)

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