Conan’s Massive ‘Batman V Superman’ Special Turned Into A Big Superpowered Sex Talk

Conan’s mega episode featuring the entire cast of Batman V Superman and Zack Snyder did not disappoint. There was some talk about the movie, but since it’s a week after the release, the cast seemed a bit more breezy than they were during those pre-release days. Now the cat’s out of the bag and everybody can cut loose a bit and make odd comments about superhuman sex and fake prosthetic genitalia.

We’ve shared the awesome cold open featuring Conan renting the Batmobile and taking it for a spin. From there, it was nothing but the cast getting a chance to shine and make fun of Ben Affleck a bit. He and Henry Cavill were first out to the couch and ended up talking about how they ended up winning their roles. Affleck wasn’t interested until he found out that his version would be the older, grizzled version, while Cavill got his call while playing a very popular video game.

Conan then decides to bring up how Cavill described being in Superman’s suit as “having sex” and the entire show took a turn into the gutter.

Gal Gadot and Amy Adams arrive next, with the key moment of the chat being the criticism over Gadot as Wonder Woman. This leads to her bringing up the original Amazon’s having their one breast removed for better fighting, allowing Conan to be creepy and Ben Affleck to be really funny. He isn’t too sad now it seems.

Then Jesse Eisenberg arrives and talks a bit about acting opposite a very naked General Zod dummy. He reveals that doll is extremely accurate to Michael Shannon’s body makeup except for one part. The real question here is why it had that one part in the first place. It doesn’t even appear on screen, unless it’s in the rated-r version on blu ray. He does sink him naked into that Kryptonian birthing tank. You just kinda hope that Eisenberg is just a comic genius and the entire thing is a big joke — ending with Affleck once again.

And finally, we get to find out what all the fuss is between Batman and Superman in the movie. Turns out it all revolves around Diane Lane, which is funny if you’ve seen the movie and place it all in the context of that rooftop scene with Lex Luthor. And then leave it to Henry Cavill to make it worse.

Greatest episode ever, Conan. By far.

(Via Team Coco)

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