So, Remember When That Former 'Baywatch' Star Went Looking For Noah's Ark?

08.14.12 6 years ago 25 Comments

In March, Danger told you about Donna D’Errico’s, best known to perverts as Donna Marco on Baywatch (and Baywatch Nights and Baywatch: White Thunder at Glacier Bay) and to everyone else as the host of Battlebots and former wife of walking STD Nikki Sixx, quest to find Noah’s Ark. Well, she’s back. Let’s see how things went.

!!! Either D’Errico got in Carmen Electra’s way while she was rushing to the studio to record her part for Leisure Suit Larry: What’s the Point of Living?, or the expedition didn’t go well. Do tell, block quote:

Former “Baywatch” babe Donna D’Errico is recovering from some painful face injuries she suffered during an expedition to find Noah’s Ark in Turkey.

D’Errico just released some photo…in which the actress appears to be sporting multiple cuts and bruises around her mouth and cheek…and a laceration on her leg.

It’s unclear how Donna suffered the injuries. (Via)

I’m going to guess by looking for Noah’s Ark on a mountain that’s 16,854 feet tall.

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