BBC One’s Undercover Turtle Camera Discovered Something Very Important: Dolphins Love To Get Stoned

BBC One is producing a new nature documentary titled Dolphins: Spy in the Pod. As part of their research, they disguised a remote-controlled camera as a sea turtle, which, for the record, looked like this …

… and captured some pretty amazing footage. What kind of footage, you ask? Oh, no big deal. Just dolphins getting stoned out of their minds on puffer fish and floating around in the ocean like a bunch of potheads who ate brownies and jumped in the wave pool at Typhoon Lagoon. Take it away, science.

Puffer fish, when provoked, protect themselves by releasing a nasty toxin that can be deadly. But the dolphins appear to have figured out how to make the fish release it in just the right amount.

After chewing on the puffer fish and passing it around between one another, the dolphins appeared to enter into a trance-like state. [io9]




You know what I was thinking about? Did you guys ever think about, like, the ocean? Like, really think about it? It’s so big. And we just, like, live in it. It’s our home, you know? But it’s also all these other animals’ home, too. It’s like a big apartment building. All the sharks live over in one apartment, and the whales live in another, and those flat thingies down below live on the ground floor. Except no one has doors, so they just all roam around free and stuff. And it’s wet. And sometimes, like, one of the other tenants shows up in your living room and tries to eat you. And you don’t pay rent. And you…

Hey, what if we all — everything living in the ocean — took a big gulp of water all at once? Do you think we could drink up the whole ocean? What if we did? WE’D ALL BE DEAD. We need to set up a system. Okay, here goes: Carl, Dave, Steve, and Frank, from now on you only take gulps on odd-numbered seconds; Mike, Hector, Greg, and Chad, you gulp on even seconds. Okay? Good. I’ll rotate between odd and even to keep the balance. Good. This will definitely work.

Wait a second.




Full trailer below. Everything about this is perfect.

Source: io9