Watch This BBC Reporter Get Harassed In The Middle Of A Sexual Harassment Report

We’ve been hit with plenty of clips and stories that highlight the number of cat calls, harassment, and hellos that women seem to face on a daily basis (there’s also been plenty criticizing them and parodying of them). But this clip of BBC reporter Sarah Teale doing a story about sexual harassment likely takes part of the cake. She’s just doing some remote video to introduce things it seems, saying the following:

“An online study showed a shocking 95% of people said they had been harassed, either jeered at, or had obscenities shouted at them in the street. And a large proportion of them said they’d also been groped, or grabbed inappropriately in public,”

Then, like some sort of sexual harassment phoenix rising out of seas, someone passes by as she finishes and tosses a few choice comments her way. Teale yells back a bit, but the irony is already thickly lathered on the moment and she notes as much on her Twitter account:

The funny part is that this report might’ve come and gone if not for the guy who decided to say something to the nice lady with the camera. Now she’s got something to talk about and proof that it happens, right on tape. And a lot of people will see it.

(Via BBC / Mashable / Sarah Teale)