Bears Dancing To ‘Jungle Boogie’ Is What We All Need Right Now

Maybe you’ve noticed, but everything is kind of super depressing. We just elected a demagogue former reality TV star as President of the United States, and whether or not you’re justifiably upset about that, you can’t argue that this bitter election hasn’t taken a toll on all of us. Things might seem pretty hopeless right now, but counterpoint: dancing bears.

From Planet Earth II, the BBC program that brought us that insane footage of a baby iguana escaping snakes on the Galapagos earlier this week comes a preview from next Sunday’s episode which will apparently focus on mountains. Basically, it’s just two minutes of bears scratching their backs on trees, as bears are wont to do, but set to — wait for it — the 1973 Kool and the Gang classic, “Jungle Boogie.” It looks like they’re dancing, see? Or as the video description says, “Sometimes bears have an itch they just have to scratch!”

So as bleak as everything is, just think that some day — hopefully, in the not so distant future — we too may once again experience the kind of happiness that bears experience scratching their backs on trees. But in the meantime, just enjoy watching a bunch of dancing bears. God knows we’ve all earned it.