Beavis And Butt-Head Might Return In Live Action According To Mike Judge

Take a second and think about the waves and waves of ’80s and ’90s nostalgia being served up on a platter to us, the consumers, of late. There’s a Full House reboot and an X-Files reboot and there was an Uncle Buck reboot and there’s gonna be a Lethal Weapon reboot and those are just three examples of Hollywood thinking that taking something that’s already been done and doing it again rather than just creating something new and original is the way to go.

Well, there is word — albeit a vague one — that another reboot could be in our midst in the not-too-distant future, only this one sounds about as new and original as any reboot could be. And as awesome, too.

Seems Mike Judge, currently riding high on the raves for his HBO comedy series Silicon Valley, floated the idea of a re-up of none other than Beavis and Butt-Head, those lazy, slovenly, snickering, animated lunkheads of MTV yore. Judge, in an interview with Radio Times, brought up his most famous creations, but added something of an unexpected twist when he suggested that “maybe it could be a live-action someday.”

To quote Butt-Head, “whoa.”

Judge went on to say that he envisioned Beavis as possibly “homeless by now.” But he didn’t have any ideas for who could play the duo, which, to be fair, isn’t an easy task. Maybe a guy like Pete Davidson of Saturday Night Live fame could fill a role? And it’s not difficult to envision T.J. Miller, who of course has strong ties to Judge via playing Erlich Bachman on Silicon Valley, getting on board, although he might be too old.

Anyway, a live-action Beavis and Butt-Head sounds tremendous if not for any other reason than seeing an actual actor wearing an AC/DC t-shirt saying “Come to Butt-Head” straight to the camera is something every man, woman and child should probably experience. Then again, perhaps we’ve already seen this somewhere before:

(via SlashFilm)