These Behind-The-Scene ‘True Detective’ Photos Spoil EVERYTHING (Or Probably Nothing)

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02.26.14 19 Comments

rust td

One downside of every John Q. Public and Jane M. Istruedetectivesexist having an Instagram or Twitter now is that some of those Mr. Publics and Mrs. Istruedetectivesexists work for TV shows, and they’re liable to potentially spoil something they’ve known for months but you’re going crazy to find out. An intrepid Redditor went digging through the accounts of all known members of the True Detective crew, because Reddit, and he was “able to find a HEAP of BTS photos that gave away pretty massive clues to future episode[s].”

Possible spoiler alert?

instagram td

td pics 2

td pics 3

td pics

td instagram

true detective instagram

I KNEW IT. Wolfram & Hart Investigative Solutions — the Yellow King is Angel.

There’s also this one, found by our very own sixxer.

horses girl

Marsh & Bayou Magazine’s very own Ray Huntz in the new HBO series True Detective! Tonight at 8pm Central, ONLY on HBO! Ray is on the second horse from the left, in the center of photo. He will be in costume the entire scene. No idea which episode, but now you know what to look for! (Via)

I think everything’s going to be OOOOOOOOOOOK for that little girl.

Via Reddit

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