Behind the Scenes: ‘House’ in Prison

09.27.11 7 years ago 10 Comments

House is in prison after being found guilty of lupus.

Embedded below is a behind-the-scenes featurette on the eighth season of “House,” which premieres next Monday. As we know from the last promo, House is in the big house after housing a house with his car, which is easily the most smurftastic story in recent television history.

Anyway, in this new video, you will be shocked — SHOCKED! — to learn that the prison has an attractive young white female doctor in its employ. (That’s why you never see attractive young white female doctors in hospitals: they all take the doctor jobs in prisons.) You will also be treated the always-jarring effect of a British actor speaking in his normal voice instead of the American accent that you’re used. It’s so strange to see Hugh Laurie be a warm, charming British man. And yet when I try to recreate his accent, I can’t help but make him less posh. “Oy, dis prison is a roight tough place fer our ‘ero! Doctah House gets roughed up a bit now, don’t he?”

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