Serious Question: How Bummed Are You That ‘Ben and Kate’ Was Canceled?

Yesterday it was announced that, like Don’t Trust the B—- in Apt. 23 the day before, Ben and Kate would have its remaining episodes pulled from the schedule. (On Tuesday, we predicted the cancellation of Don’t Trust the B—- and it came to fruition on the same day, and yesterday, we predicted the cancellation of Ben and Kate and it came to fruition on the same day. We should probably predict the cancellation of Whitney now.) For the next few weeks, Ben and Kate’s slot will be filled by New Girl reruns or be preempted by American Idol. In March, after Raising Hope airs a hour-long season finale (that will get an American Idol lead-in), Fox is scrapping the two-hour Tuesday night comedy block and running Hell’s Kitchen as a lead-in to New Girl and the barely hanging on The Mindy Project. Fox will probably burn off the remaining episodes of Ben and Kate at some point.

My question is this, though: Honestly, how bummed are you about the cancellation of Ben & Kate (poll below)?

I liked Ben and Kate. I watched every episode. They were all vaguely enjoyable. Dakota Johnson (who is the daughter of Melanie Griffith and Don Johnson) is seriously cute, though not as cute as her television daughter (Maggie Elizabeth Jones). But I never really felt all that invested in the series. It was likable, and the energy was good, and Lucy Punch was often hilarious (particularly in the most recent episode) but I find that I’m feeling somewhat indifferent about its cancellation. I watched seven sitcoms on Tuesday night as it was, although this point, it’s down to five (with the loss of Don’t Trust the B—-), but I also feel like there’s enough comedy on the night that weeding out a few is not the end of the world (that said, I wish they’d gotten rid of The Mindy Project instead).

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