Benedict Cumberbatch Was Afraid To Say His Fan Club’s Name Out Loud On ‘The Graham Norton Show’

The initial reviews for Star Trek Into Darkness have hit the Internet, and they are skeptically optimistic. The words “loud,” “fun,” and “tangled” appear often, and it seems like the film will be the kind of superficially smart, action-heavy blockbuster that Trek fans will bitch about, but everyone else will love. The one thing all critics seem to agree on, though, is the excellent performance of Benedict Cumberbatch, who plays a rogue Starfleet officer.

It’s the kind of mainstream breakthrough Cumberbatch needs, who’s known more here in America for looking like an otter than he is for his role in the excellent Sherlock. Last night, the Batches of Cumbers was on The Graham Norton Show, alongside Star Trek co-star Chris Prine (and, um, Bonnie Tyler and Kim Cattrall), to discuss his fame and fanbase, whose name he was afraid to say on TV. Pine had no such reservations, though, and blurted out “CUMBERBITCHES,” which is pretty great. Certainly better than Unencumbers or the unfortunate ‘Dict Cums.