Benedict Cumberbatch Becomes The Evil Villain He Was Born To Play On ‘SNL’ With Disappointing Results

Benedict Cumberbatch has a little bit of villain experiece on the big screen, playing Khan in Star Trek Into Darkness and providing the voice of Smaug in The Hobbit films. But aside from playing Julian Assange, someone who was played up as a “villain” long before Wikileaks role in the 2016 election, Cumberbatch has never really been the type of villain that made Alan Rickman familiar to a mass audience.

Luckily, the folks at SNL tried to rectify this by making Cumberbatch the “genius” mad villain pitted against the everyman good guy. There’s plenty of Rickman and Jeremy Irons trying to foil John McClane here, raising the question of why Cumberbatch’s phone didn’t ring when they were making the last Die Hard movie? Anyway, given that this is SNL, the entire ordeal doesn’t go too well for Cumberbatch. Not only is he surrounded by some questionable associates, but he’s also a guy who loves to play games.

This doesn’t mesh well with his Simon Says tactics, though he could’ve definitely gotten a little more creative with his riddles. That or just blow things up right from the start. Why toy with the good guys in these films? Just kill them and kill the innocents, then go on the run. Your time is short anyway, so why waste time with silly games. It is only a road to disappointment.

(Via SNL)