Bernard Goldberg Brought Some Much-Needed Sanity To Fox News' 'Duck Dynasty'/1st Amendment Freakout Fest

Because it aired on Friday night, I doubt many people have seen this clip of Fox News contributor Bernard Goldberg sort of losing it over the penchant for the conservative movement — of which Fox News is a key player — to “reflexively defend ignorance” like the kind Phil Robertson of Duck Dynasty infamously espoused last week in the pages of GQ. You should watch the clip above because it’s refreshing to see Goldberg, a correspondent for HBO’s Real Sports, passionately speaking up for sanity on Bill O’Reilly’s show, particularly in regards to whether or not Robertson’s free speech rights are being trampled on (which, of course, they are not).

At one point, in fact, Goldberg sort of cringes in frustration when O’Reilly tells Howard Kurtz that “you’re getting into a Constitutional thing” when A&E drops Robertson for the show because of his “core beliefs.” When O’Reilly utters this, Goldberg interrupts, shakes his head in annoyance and flatly blurts out, “No you’re not.” Additionally, in regards to the “reprehensible” things Robertson said about gays, he added, “Too many people, in my opinion, are coming to his defense…I don’t respect people believing things that are ignorant just because there’s ignorance in the Bible.” It’s all kind of great.


(Via Mediaite)