Bernie Sanders: If We Can’t Beat Donald Trump, We Really Have To Go Back To The Drawing Board

Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton went neck and neck in the Democratic Primaries, now Senator Sanders is staying true to his words at the Democratic National Convention and is campaigning for Her.

The Bern stopped by Late Night with Seth Meyers to look back on his historic presidential campaign and wish he was still in the race. That doesn’t stop him from railing against Donald Trump, of course, but Bernie does genuinely seem to miss the hustle and bustle of a presidential race. He also misses all of the men and women of the Secret Service that watched over him during those lonely nights on the road. That said, he appreciates having a relatively normal life in which he doesn’t have to be surrounded by armed guards. At least he’s still the most popular U.S. senator.

But then, the conversation turns to Donald Trump, and Bernie lets loose:

“It’s pathetic and it’s laughable. Here is a guy who has exploited people throughout much of his business career. Here is a guy who claims how concerned he is about American companies going abroad to manufacture products — a very legitimate concern — and yet, his own clothing manufacturing is done in other countries around the world where the poor workers are being exploited.”

How much would Bernie like to debate Trump? “Very much.”

Bernie continued with Seth and discusses his political history, explains how he’s helping Hillary, then thinks about where the democratic party will be if the unthinkable happens and Trump gets elected.

All in all, this seemed like the perfect night for Sanders to guest on Late Night, especially with the most recent ludicrous banking scandal fresh in some people’s minds. Seth took a look at Wells Fargo’s fake account scandal in a very special segment called, Dammit!


But wait, there’s more Bernie! The senator stayed during Shailene Woodley’s segment and gave his take on Edward Snowden. He believes that Snowden has a right to a trial, and believes that privacy is extremely important, saying what Snowden did was “extraordinarily brave.” It’s worth a watch.