Bernie Sanders Assures Everyone That He Actually Has Plenty Of Underwear

In case you’ve missed an entire half a week and had your head buried in the new Star Wars trailer or Back to the Future Day, Larry David delivered a pitch-perfect semi-impersonation of Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders during the cold open on last weekend’s Saturday Night Live. During one of his curmudgeony bits, he mentioned that he only had “one pair of underwear that he dries on a radiator.” Well, because he has much thicker skin than Donald Trump and an infinitely superior sense of humor, Sanders actually responded to that joke and offered up a statement on the amount of underwear he owns because after that hullabaloo, he knows that the people need to know the truth:

“Last week, I bought my second pair of underwear,” Sanders said with a straight face. “That is a joke. Don’t write it down, that was a joke. I have an ample supply of underwear.”

He did, however, joke that he only had one suit while serving as the Mayor of Burlington, Vermont, but he has “increased” his number of suits since. So, in case you were wondering what kind of person Bernie Sanders is, here is proof that he’s not only someone who is willing to talk to people with whom he disagrees and try to put non-scandals to rest, but he’s keenly self-aware of himself and that he and Larry David are basically the same person. In fact, he even says he might just get David to do the rest of his public appearances, which would be the best thing to happen to our country.

(Source: CBS News)