Bert Macklin, Reporting For Duty: 15 Of The Funniest Sitcom Alter-Egos

In last Tuesday’s episode of New Girl, we were introduced to Nick Miller’s latest alter-ego, Julius Pepperwood, a no-nonsense former cop and Marine from Chicago who goes undercover in Jess’s writing class to protect her from a creepy student. With all due respect to Dr. Gavin Daytona, Thirsty Mendelson, Theodore K. Mullins, and Two Boobs Johnson, Pepperwood was the show’s best alias yet, and one of the funniest in sitcom history.

So, in honor of the thin crust-hater, I went back and looked at some other classic sitcom alter-egos and picked 15 of my favorites. One note: I only chose one per show, otherwise this list would be nothing but Parks and Recreation. Play us away, Duke Silver.

Real name: Andy Dwyer
Alter-ego: Bert Macklin, FBI agent
Show: Parks and Recreation

Real name: Cosmo Kramer
Alter-ego: H.E. Pennypacker, industrialist, philanthropist, bicyclist
Show: Seinfeld

Real name: Dale Gribble
Alter-ego: Rusty Shackleford
Show: King of the Hill

Real name: Michael Bluth
Alter-ego: Chareth Cutestory, maritime lawyer, specializing in pirates
Show: Arrested Development

Real name: Michael Scott
Alter-ego: Agent Michael Scarn, world famous spy, star of Threat Level Midnight
Show: The Office

Real name: Butters Stotch
Alter-ego: Professor Chaos, super villain
Show: South Park

Real name: Joey Tribbiani and Chandler Bing
Alter-ego: Ms. Chanandler Bong, TV Guide subscriber
Show: Friends

Real name: Lionel Hutz
Alter-ego: Miguel Sanchez, a.k.a. Dr. Nguyen Van Falk
Show: The Simpsons

Real name: Steve Urkel
Alter-ego: Stefan Urquelle, cool guy
Show: Family Matters

Real name: Tobias Fünke
Alter-ego: Mrs. Featherbottom, British nanny
Show: Arrested Development (OK, fine, AD gets two)

Real name: Jack Donaghy
Alter-ego: Victor Nightingale, cookie jar collector
Show: 30 Rock

Real name: Dennis Reynolds and Ronald McDonald
Alter-ego: Hugh Honey and Vic Vinegar, real estate agents
Show: It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia

Real name: Phil Dunphy
Alter-ego: Clive Bixby, visiting businessman
Show: Modern Family

Real name: Latka Gravas
Alter-ego: Vic Ferrari, womanizer
Show: Taxi

Real name: Roger
Alter-ego: Ricky Spanish (there are literally hundreds to choose for Roger, all great)
Show: American Dad!