Gorge On The Best News Bloopers 2016 Has Had To Offer So Far

Do you have a spare 20 minutes kicking around? You don’t anymore. Newz bloopz own that time now.

Yes, the glorious time vampire that is the news blooper compilation has arrived once again to extract cackles and cringes in equal measure. NewsBeFunny has crafted a massive highlight reel featuring the year’s best broadcast goof-em-ups and there’s no shortage of gems. Whether you enjoy unexpected swearing, animals not putting up with our human nonsense or just a good ol’ fashioned pink dildo thrown in a politician’s face, this compilation should nourish the soul in some capacity. As is this traditionally the case with clips involving pink dildos thrown to the face, you may have clued in that this Best Of is a tad NSFW.

Operating at an agreeably zippy pace, there’s a bit of a Zucker Abrahams Zucker (ask your great-grandparents) feel to the whole affair. Is the giggly reporter desperately trying to hold in laughter during a horrific plane story not doing it for you? Don’t worry, there’s a depressed Comcast SportsNet reporter telling kids to give up on their dreams just around the bend. If someone experienced misery or extreme joy on TV news this year, it’s here. Hit play and let the schadenfreude parade begin.

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