The Best Character On ‘Family Guy’ Was Brutally Killed Last Night

No, not Mayor Adam West. Or Stewie. So, more like the third best character on Family Guy died last night. Here is where I would put a SPOILER ALERT, if we weren’t talking about an animated series that laughs at continuity harder than most people laugh back at the show: it’s like that time Brian Griffin was run over by a car and died.

At least until the manatees decide to bring him back. Here’s how it happened: he got run over by a car…

…and died.

Despite its blasphemous title, “Life of Brian” was shockingly poignant: it was no “Jurassic Bark,” but the scene in the veterinary’s office, where Brian passes away, managed to pull off something fairly emotional, especially for a show where a scene of a bruised dog in the middle of the street needs a button of a squirrel kicking his bloody body. That said, it’s highly unlikely the death sticks. (Here’s an interview about why the writers did what the did.) Brian has been buried six feet deep, and the Griffins moved on to a “pussyhound” voiced by Paulie Walnuts, but I mean, c’mon, it’s Brian, one of the few good characters left on the show. If he’s actually dead, then there are no time travel or “Road to…” episodes left, and if it’s true, there are even fewer reasons to still watch Family Guy. None, actually.