Game Of Lulz: The Best Memes From The ‘Game Of Thrones’ Season 7 Premiere

Welcome back to Game of Lulz, our round up of all the best Game of Thrones memes and fun based on each episode. This time, after a long break between seasons, we’re focusing on the season 7 premiere. This episode had it all! Mass murder, sexy leather pirate pants, Ed Sheeran, some sweet Brienne/Tormund shipping, hints of Cleganebowl, a poop montage, Ed Sheeran, pretty much everything a fan could ever want… aside from the next six episodes, watchable right now, back to back Netflix style.

Barring another screener leak, that’s not about to happen, so we’ll just have to entertain ourselves with some memes instead. Don’t worry, we’ve evenly distributed them across the entire episode to avoid any excessive Sheeran exposure side effects. If symptoms occur, however, simply double your intake of Lyanna Mormont quotes until a warm empowering glow takes hold.

That’s it for Game of Lulz, but check back for more memes later in the week. As usual, we’d like to thank all the meme makers out there, without which these posts would be a lot shorter. All the sources are included under the image, leading you back to even more Game of Thrones goodness. We’ve been doing these since season four, so if you’re new here, we encourage you to dig into the archive and prepare to kiss your afternoon productivity goodbye.