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Until BuzzFeed erroneously called this a “TV show for kids,” I had never heard of “Fort Boyard,” a game show of physical challenges that takes place inside the French fort of the same name. In the hypnotic, delightfully long (almost nine minutes) clip below, numerous attractive women — all of them in low-cut shirts — try to conquer a series of rolling cylinders by… well… look at the picture and do the math. It’s fantastic.

By the way, after looking at the show’s Wikipedia page, I’ve decided that the only challenge I might like better than these rolling cylinders is the Chicken Room:

Chicken Room (2001) a very rare challenge, in which a female contestant transports corn from a holey bucket from a barrel to a pair of scales. The corn must weigh down one side of the scales to lift the key which is on the other side. Inside the room are chickens.

“Inside the room are chickens.” I think that little touch of flair could make any game show better. Jeopardy: “Three contestants answer trivia clues by phrasing their responses in the form of questions. Inside the room are chickens.”

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