The Best Of Last Night's 'Archer': Christian Slater, Classic Randos, And The Hunt For Red Kriegtober

I could have used a little more Christian Slater but that was completely redeemed by the fact that he was playing himself as an arms/drug dealer with (almost) deadly accurate beanbag gun aim. Here’s to hoping this isn’t the last time we see him this season.

We have four episodes of “Archer Vice” left before — as most of you have heard by now — Adam Reed plans to “de-boot” or “un-reboot” the premise going into next season. If there’s one thing that jumps out to me with regards to the serialization of this season it’s how magnified the failings and incompetence of the ISIS gang has become. I’m finding myself desperately rooting for a win for the world’s worst coke dealers. That never seemed to be the case when the spy game reset button was handy.

But let’s talk “On The Carpet,” an episode that gave us perfectly utilized Krieger, topless country starlets, and Classic Randos in addition to a Christian Slater cameo. Here are some of the best lines, moments, and references, followed by all the Chet Manley GIFs you can handle.

  • Every pan of every room should end on someone looking like “the whore the rest of the trailer park decided they had to stone to death.”
  • If the plane hadn’t crashed I’m almost certain the “Happy?”-“What, like in general?” exchange was about to send Archer on a Vincent Kartheiser-like rant.
  • I’d like to think dicks bound together as tightly as the core of a golf ball could be the new “suck a bag of dicks” but the concept is probably just a little too abstract to catch on.
  • “If there’s one thing I’m good at out of the million things I’m good at it’s infiltrating the enemy.” — Rando
  • “Ask him what, how to get AIDS?”
  • Rando and Slater conversations are the best conversations. I, for one, would welcome an entire buddy comedy episode.
  • “Odie, hush!”
  • Kate Upton homage? Kate Upton homage.
  • If we ever do invade Quebec I know who I want manning the battle plan. Not so much managing my portfolio though.
  • That was Fred Armisen as Gustavo Calderon in case you weren’t aware. Lots more of him to come.
  • I REALLY want to know what Archer thought they’d fallen into.
  • “Dude, your balls are made of pussy.” BURN.
  • The Red Kriegtober > The Red Octkrieger
  • Pop Culture Reference Count: Isaac Newton, Houdini, The Hunt for Red October.

Introducing my new go-to GIF for… I’m not sure yet but I’m certain it will come in handy.

Chet’s most excellent GIFs here and on the next two pages. See you Odies next week.