The Best Lines From Rafi And Dirty Randy’s Bananas Episode Of ‘The League’

There were so many good lines in last night’s episode of The League, “Rafi and Dirty Randy,” that there was no way I could get them all without basically screencapping every frame of the episode. Granted, I missed the regular guys from The League, but for one week, it was a stellar break. Dirty Randy and Rafi went to Los Angeles to avenge the murder of their friend, Spaz, which was basically just an excuse for Jason Mantzoukas and Seth Rogen, who wrote the episode, to be as filthy and offensive as possible. That was a f***ked up episode, and I will even admit that The Accused joke probably went over the line. JESUS. I’m not saying I didn’t laugh, but I felt bad about it.

And Krumholtz? What the hell, y’all? WHAT THE HELL?

Here’s the best lines, which pretty much includes the entire episode. Jason Mantzoukas should be writing for other shows. Maybe ALL of them. This episode was BANANAS.

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