Is This The Best Local News Intro Ever? Yeah, Probably.

When a friend sent me this video of the most amazing local news intro sequence EVER last night, I kept waiting for Ron Burgundy to pop out — perhaps running though the door of the burning house carrying a litter of puppies in a wicker basket — but he did not. With that said, I would not be surprised in the least if I learned that this sequence alone was the sole inspiration for Anchorman. I mean, it has it all. Everything is in here, most significantly…

– A house with flames shooting out of it.

– A beyond-parody, over the top, dramatic score.

– Mustaches. Thick, dirty, glorious mustaches.

– Archaic computer technology.

– No words. All ACTION.

– Amazing steadicam tracking shots.

– 80s style all over the damn place.

– A speeding news van.

– Trenchcoats.


I have no idea where this came from, if the station promoted in the video still exists or where it’s located. If any of you readers can shed light on this, please do so in the comments. I want to know more.

UPDATE: I’m told by a few readers that the station in question here is WITI in Milwaukee, a Fox affiliate.

(HuffPo via reader Jimmy Carr. Thanks for the tip, Jimmy!)