These Are The Best TV Shows You Can Download On Netflix Right Now

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03.16.17 2 Comments

Last Updated: March 16th

Netflix announced that after months of teasing, users can finally download their favorite shows and movies for off-line viewing. This is important news to anyone who has time to kill on the subway or airplane, or really anyone who doesn’t feel like, y’know, talking to other human beings (so, everyone). The feature is only available through the Netflix app on iOS and Android smartphone and tablet devices, and there’s no definitive catalog of available titles anywhere, but I used our list of the 50 Best TV Shows on Netflix Right Now to see which of your favorite series are download-ready. (Netflix has vowed to eventually add more titles, so cheer up, Lost fans.)

The following shows are available now (and don’t forget the secret codes).

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30 Rock


Better Call Saul

Black Mirror


Breaking Bad

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