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12.05.11 15 Comments

The above photo of Ben staring at Leslie’s non-wrinkled, non-hideous face: not a GIF. What follows after the jump: GIFs. Though they’ve been around since 1987, when CompuServe blah blah blah, GIFs have only really exploded in popularity over the last few years, thanks mostly to websites like Tumblr. They’re like pictures, but NOT. They’re like videos, but NOT. They’re hypnotic and funny, and can even sum up a whole half-season’s worth of story lines in two movable images (see: “Walking Dead” ones included.)

So, every Monday from now until THE FUTURE, we’ll be posting our favorite TV GIFs o’ the Week (the “o’” implies coolness!), from shows airing between the previous Sunday to Saturday. (In other words, for this week, it’d be any show ranging from “The Walking Dead” midseason finale to the Steve Buscemi “SNL” episode.) And we need your help! The three of us watch a ton of TV, but there are certain shows that slip through our proverbial cracks – so, if you find any O’ the Week-worthy GIFs for shows that aren’t, say, on Thursday nights, please send them to I’ll reply back with a “Simpsons” reference or picture of my guinea pigs (not a euphemism – they’re named Butters and Gob) or even a jovial “thank you!”

The initial entry follows, and even though Dustin already covered “Community” and many shows aired repeats, we’ve got Regis and Butt-head, di*k twirling, and Ruxin dancing. Yes.

My favorite “Simpsons” episode since 2008’s “That ‘90s Show.” Neil Gaiman makes everything better.

Consider this my weekly reminder to watch “American Dad!” (Via)

Spoiler? Eh, who cares. (Via)

I know this is from “Real Housewives of Atlanta,” but I don’t know if this scene actually aired last week. I grabbed it from Reality TV GIFs, and they’re usually on-the-ball(s) when it comes to updating, so I’m just going to assume it did, look at it some more, and then rinse my eyes out with a mixture of cat pee and acid. (Via)

Regis also loves …And Justice for All. (Via)

Nick Kroll pretty much ruled the week – not only did he dance on “The League,” he also had two very memorable appearances on “Conan” and “Community.” He owned the right to wear that #01 jersey.

Chung CHUNG. (Via)


I’ve never been a huge Maya Rudolph fan, but her Whitney Houston impressions are always entertaining, because Rudolph’s very gifted at spewing fast-talking nonsense. Her character on “Up All Night” has FINALLY toned down, too.

Obviously. (Via)

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