Twitter’s Got Jokes About The Newest ‘Game Of Thrones’ Episode, ‘Beyond The Wall’

This post contains spoilers for Game Of Thrones Season 7 Episode 6 “Beyond The Wall”.

Game Of Thrones went “Beyond The Wall” for the penultimate episode of this season (our review here). Of course, most of the reactions people shared on social media were about The Night King spearing Viserion the dragon (video here) and then turning a freakin’ dragon into a member of his undead army. But there were other big moments, like Benjen Stark returning after a long absence and– oh, that escalated quickly.

Before we get into reactions from this episode, we’d like to highlight a great joke we missed before about Lady Olenna’s badass exit in “The Queen’s Justice.”

As for Sunday’s episode, “Beyond The Wall,” people were making comparisons to the differences in dragon-slaying prowess:

And some people on Twitter remembered there was also Stark family drama in this episode:

But back to the mission beyond the wall…

And then there was an undead polar bear. On fire. So that’s a new thing for anxious people to worry about.

And things were looking bleak.

But thankfully they’ve unlocked fast travel this season (because f*ck geography), so their call for help arrived just in time.

And so the real battle began. At the outset of the dragons vs. White Walkers scene, before things turned tragic, some were saying it’s about time they used the dragons.

We quickly learned why they maybe shouldn’t have brought dragons in the first place:

We should have seen it coming:

But that doesn’t make it hurt any less (and yes, we know it wasn’t from the books).

Dany should have listened to Tyrion’s advice in this totally real, definitely unaltered video.