Twitter’s Got Jokes About The ‘Game Of Thrones’ Season Finale, ‘The Dragon And The Wolf’

This post contains spoilers for Game Of Thrones Season 7 Episode 7 “The Dragon and the Wolf”.

Game Of Thrones went all out with its longest episode yet for the Season 7 finale, “The Dragon and the Wolf” (our review here). There was a big death scene, a psychic vision we totally saw coming, more incest in a season that’s been like two thirds incest, and an excuse for more speculation about Bran and the Night King (TEAM NIGHT KING).

Did you know the VMAs were happening at the same time? No spoilers:

Meanwhile, Dany and Cersei’s respective squads had their corporate team-building getaway in an arena at King’s Landing:

And Daenerys was fashionably late with the fabulous entrance:

But Cersei was unimpressed. By everything.

Meanwhile, the Greyjoys had differing opinions. Euron just wanted to know if the white walkers would come for him…

And Theon decided to go on a quest to save his sister Yara, even if he has to take more damage to the crotch along the way:

And then Lord Petyr Baelish (Littlefinger) finally — finallygot his comeuppance when Bran brought the receipts and Arya took Littlefinger out with the same Valyrian steel dagger he had given to Bran. Chaos is a ladder, Baelish.

Bran also told Samwell about being the Three Eyed Raven. Cool story, Bran.

And Sam let Bran know what Gilly discovered about Jon Snow’s real name and legitimate claim to the iron throne. Then Bran did his greenseer thing and revealed Jon’s real name: Aegon Targaryen.

Meanwhile, Jon/Aegon and his Aunt Dany didn’t know about this revelation while they were busy getting together to “break the wheel” if you know what I’m sayin’.

Just when we thought the episode may have already peaked, Bran had a vision of something that may or may not be happening in real time: Tormund and Beric at The Wall witnessing the Night King on his ice dragon destroying The Wall in this amazing scene.

All in all, it was a productive season:

But some alleged viewers were definitely bluffing…

And some were just happy the season was over…