Beth From ‘The Walking Dead’ Will Play A Sex Surrogate On ‘Masters Of Sex’

07.07.15 5 Comments


Beth from The Walking Dead is traveling through time to become a sex surrogate. Kind of. Not really. Although that would be a way more interesting companion series than Fear the Walking Dead and its whole “But what if the zombies were in Los Angeles?” thing. A better series? Maybe not. But definitely a more interesting one.

Let’s back up. Emily Kinney, who played Beth on The Walking Dead, has signed on to join the upcoming season of Masters of Sex, Showtime’s series about the pioneering sexual research done by Masters and Johnson in the 1950s. She will play Nora, a character who was the Masters’ neighbor as a child. Now fully grown and in her 20s, Nora is “poised and brimming with intelligence” and ready to “become a sex surrogate in the next phase of Masters and Johnson’s research.” So that’s something that’s happening in the new season, which premieres Sunday, July 12.

Still holding out hope for that time-traveling sex surrogate series, though.

(Via EW)

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