Bethenny Frankel Taping a Talk Show Pilot for Some Reason

06.16.11 8 years ago 15 Comments

Bethenny Frankel is a fake-boobed, Skeletor-looking reality show retread who hawks low-calorie alcoholic sugar water to desperate women and whose most discernible talent is fomenting discord on a reality show. That makes her one of Bravo’s biggest stars, which is apparently why she filmed a pilot for a talk show.

The Telepictures produced pilot tapped the former Real Housewives of New York star to host an advice-based talk show that began taping earlier this month. Sources have also confirmed that fellow Telepictures talk show host and producer Ellen DeGeneres is involved with the project.

“I want to be on TV in a format where I can have a longer conversation with my fans rather than 140 characters on Twitter,” Frankel said during an interview with THR earlier this year. “It probably will be a talk show.” [THR]

I actually met Bethenny years ago, after she was on Martha Stewart’s “Apprentice” but before she got famous. She was perfectly nice to me, and her cleavage looked great, so I had to ask myself why I’m so negative about her. Then I read this:

Frankel sold her Skinnygirl cocktail line to Beam Global in March 2011 for $120 million.

Ouch. I don’t I hate her because she’s successful. I hate her because her success represents a massive bloc of people I hate: calorie-counting women who are desperate to get drunk but can’t handle the taste of alcohol. Just do cocaine, ladies. At least that way the people who profit are Colombian drug lords who have no desire to host a talk show.

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