Betsy Brandt — AKA Marie From ‘Breaking Bad’ — Couldn’t Bring Herself To Watch All Of ‘Ozymandias’

In my recap/discussion post on “Ozymandias,” the gripping episode of Breaking Bad that aired Sunday night that’s now inspiring LOLs all across the web, I wrote the following…

One of the things I and many others have said about Breaking Bad is that the time seems to fly by when you’re watching it — it often doesn’t feel like you’ve just watched an hour of television, commercials and all, when an episode ends. With that said, when the show broke for commercial after the knife fight scene at the house that ended with Walt taking Holly, I thought the show was over. It felt, at that point, like more than hour had passed. Looking back on it, I think that was wishful thinking on my part.

In other words, I just couldn’t take it anymore, it was all too painful, and it’s to know that I’m in good company in that regard: Betsy Brandt had trouble watching her own show that night.

GQ: How are you recovering from Sunday night?

Brandt: All through yesterday, I just felt hung over. I should tell you, it’s so touching, the response we’ve gotten from people. And I just love Hank. I mean, I know Dean Norris is fine and healthy, but it makes me sad that Hank isn’t with us anymore.

GQ: Did you watch the episode live?

Brandt: I couldn’t watch that moment. Couldn’t watch it. I had to leave the room and make noise so I didn’t hear it. And then I asked my husband if it was okay to come back in the room. I still, actually, have not seen the moment where Hank was shot in Season 3. I knew he was going to be okay after that, but I just—I cannot watch it. So I came back in the living room—we’re living in a little apartment in New York—and we’re watching, and then I see the part where he’s laying there and they drag his body. And that keeps flashing in my head. That was disturbing enough! I couldn’t handle the other. I would have missed that too, had I known when that was coming.

I feel you, Betsy/Marie. I feel you. But at the same time, Sunday night can’t get here soon enough. That probably makes no sense but if you watch Breaking Bad you know what I’m talking about.

RIP Hank…

(GQ via Vulture)