‘Better Call Morty’ Gives Us The Perfect ‘Rick And Morty’ Spinoff We Never Knew We Needed

We may have to wait until later this summer for the rest of season three of Rick and Morty, but in the meantime, the surprise April Fool’s Day premiere has inspired this fan mashup of another beloved series that also just had its season three premiere, Better Call Saul. “How is this a fair trial? Our lawyer is a Morty!” says Morty, as he and Summer are brought before a council of judges aboard the Citadel of Ricks in “The Rickshank Rickdemption,” to answer for their various crimes in attempting to rescue their grandpa.

“It’s not fair, you have no rights and he’s not a lawyer. We just keep him here because he’s fun. Look at him go!” answers one of the Ricks, as Lawyer (not-lawyer) Morty throws his papers in the air and does a little dance, clearly pleased with himself.

But what about Lawyer Morty’s backstory? Surely there’s a story to be told there, like the premise of “Better Call Morty” suggests. As Better Call Saul was a spinoff of Breaking Bad, perhaps “Better Call Morty” could maybe explore Lawyer Morty’s dubious beginnings as a two-bit con-Morty who only ever aspired to be more like his older sibling Summer McGill Jr., a successful attorney in their universe. Maybe we’d even see some old familiar faces pop up, like Birdperson and Gazorpazorpfield. Who wouldn’t watch that?

(Via Reddit)