Jimmy Took His Biggest Step Yet Toward Becoming Saul Goodman On This Week’s ‘Better Call Saul’

03.29.16 20 Comments


Before last night’s episode, the second season of Better Call Saul had gone to great lengths to slow down the inevitable Jimmy-to-Saul transition. The team behind the show gave him a new job, all fancy and respectable-like. They emphasized his alleged desire to do things right (or, like, right-ish), both to prove Chuck wrong and to prove Kim right. They even sat him on the bench for a few episodes to let Mike and Kim pad their stats a bit, which worked out surprisingly well thanks to some A+ performances from Jonathan Banks and Rhea Seehorn. There were some glimpses, sure (the Squat Cobbler defense, the renegade commercial, the introduction of Viktor St. Clair), but for the most part, Saul was still just a twinkle in Jimmy’s eye.

And then…



It’s showtime. Almost.

Jimmy’s time at Davis & Main was always going to be limited. We knew this because we’ve seen the future, but we also knew because, in Jimmy’s own words, he’s a square peg. What we didn’t know, however, was that the employment arrangement would end with an extended ’70s-style funk montage inspired by a free-flowing inflatable balloon man that would feature him trying to get fired — saving the bonus he would lose by quitting — by dressing flamboyantly and refusing to flush his poo and picking up the bagpipes, among other things.

(I’ve pointed out a few times how great this show is at montages. This might have been their best yet. As a lifelong lover of montages, I feel qualified to make this analysis.)

The result of all of this is that Jimmy now has his solo practice back, and a rack full of bright dress shirts, and a license from Kim to go ahead and practice law “colorfully.” It’s the biggest move we’ve seen him take toward becoming Saul since he was speeding off humming “Smoke on the Water” at the end of season one. And he’s conspiring with his film nerds on a new commercial. Yes, this will do. This will do nicely.

Speaking of Kim, two episodes of the universe yo-yoing her around resulted in her own dramatic move. No, she’s not taking the offer at the other firm, even though that sounds safe and very financially secure. And no, she’s not going to partner with Jimmy because, to his credit, he answered her “What kind of lawyer are you gonna be?” question honestly. (Eventually.) But she will take Jimmy’s lead and hang out her shingle, and she will share an office and expenses with him, if not a practice. Because Jimmy ain’t the only one making moves out here. Kim wants more, too.


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