‘Better Call Saul’ Finally Has An Extended Trailer That Reveals Some Of The Plot Behind The Show

I think this is the trailer that gets me on board with Better Call Saul. AMC released previews and information for most of its winter/spring lineup this weekend and the Breaking Bad follow up finally got a nice extended look into what we can expect from the show.

And while I’ll admit that I’m an overly cautious dullard, the previous information and trailers hadn’t sold me that this would be worth it as a follow up. Luckily this extended trailer does it by providing a little bit of plot and fleshing it out as more than just characters from Breaking Bad doing wacky crime things.

There’s a point now. It’s a simple point and money is the central issue, but it is there and I’m excited. I’m sure I was going to tune in anyway, but now I can grab onto a little excitement before it hits my TV.

(Via AMC)